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Vice City Stories - Cheats (PSP Version)

If you've finished the story or you just want a little bit of fun on the side check out these cheats below.

Weapon Set 1 Left Right X Up Down Square Left Right
Weapon Set 2 Left Right Square Up Down Triangle Left Right
Weapon Set 3 Left Right Triangle Up Down Circle Left Right
Get $250000 Up Down Left Right X X L R
Armor Up Down Left Right Square Square L R
Health Up Down Left Right Circle Circle L R
Raise Wanted Level Up Right Square Square Down Left Circle Circle
Never Wanted Up Right Triangle Triangle Down Left X X
Sunny Weather Left Down R L Right Up Left Circle
Clear Weather Left Down R L Right Up Left X
Overcast Weather Left Down L R Right Up Left Square
Rainy Weather Left Down L R Right Up Left Triangle
Foggy Weather Left Down Triangle X Right Up Left L
Spawn Rhino Up L Down R Left L Right R
Faster Clock R L L Down Up X Down L
Destroy All Cars L R R Left Right Square Down R
Peds Riot R L L Down Left Circle Down L
Peds Attack You Down Triangle Up X L R L R
Peds Have Weapons Up L Down R Left Circle Right Triangle
Faster Gameplay Left Left R R Up Triangle Down X
Slower Gameplay Left Left Circle Circle Down Up Triangle X
Perfect Traction Down Left Up L R Triangle Circle X
Commit Suicide Right Right Circle Circle L R Down X
Black Traffic L R L R Left Circle Up X
Spawn Trashmaster Down Up Right Triangle L Triangle L Triangle
Guys Follow You Right L Down L Circle Up L Square
Upside Down Square Square Square L L R Left Right
Upside Down Left Left Left R R L Right Left
Chrome Cars Right Up Left Down Triangle Triangle L R