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Liberty City Stories - Weapons

Liberty City Stories, like all the other GTA games before it, has an impressive array of weapons for you to wield. They're all pretty familiar, with many being from previous games or having some sort of household use. There are said to be 30 different weapons in Liberty City Stories, the ones which have been revealed are below.

Melee Weapons


The Chisel wouldn't look out of place in a Pan-Lantic Construction worker's toolbox. Easily concealed, it's popular as it's not as offensive looking as a knife.


Popular among oriental warriors. Great for slicing meat, especially humans. You won't get far from attention carrying this around, though.

Hockey Stick

The Hockey Stick is new to GTA, and offers a nice long range beating opportunity, without all the attention that comes with carrying a big Oriental sword around.


Stronger than your regular knife, but a lot more dangerous looking. Easily concealed in one of Toni's many outfits.


First used to get a shot of the Vice City mayor up to dirty tricks back in the 80's, the camera gained a JPG saving option by 1990's San Andreas. Hopefully it'll still be able to do that in Liberty City Stories.


A 3D Grand Theft Auto classic, the chainsaw returns for yet more bloodshed in Liberty City Stories.




Liberty City Stories' most basic firearm is the Pistol. Pretty popular among low ranking gang members across Portland and also a Police favorite.


Stronger than the average pistol, the .357 is useful for capping Triads in the head and running off (thanks to its light weight).


Sub-Machine Guns


Micro SMG

The Micro SMG is a pretty bland looking weapon, but also includes a bonus drive-by shooting ability.


The Tec-9 is a lot more flexible than it looks. It's a sub-machine gun, boasting an impressive firing rate, and it can also be used in drive-by shootings.


Shotguns and Rifles


The Shotgun is an insanely popular shiny gun. Firing from two barrels at the same time, it sure does pack a punch, and you will take most enemies down with one shot.


Everything about the shotgun is here, but with the added bonus of being able to load more rounds and fire them in quick succession. The word "unstoppable" comes to mind.

Sniper Rifle

Taking out enemies from a distance has never been so easy. Just zoom in, land the crosshair on their head and fire. If you're lucky, they won't see you and you'll disappear into the city with no repercussions.

Fully Automatic Weapons


The AK47 is no unfamiliar sight to GTA players, and it has the brilliant advantage of being fully automatic, spraying bullets everywhere. Great for taking down a few enemies at a time.


The M4 seems to be a more modern looking automatic rifle, with an all black finish. Capable of firing 700-1000 rounds per minute, it's perfect for taking down groups of enemies.


The minigun features electically rotating barrels, meaning it fires bullets incredibly fast. This sort of equipment does carry a high price, both in the green stuff and in weight - it's not something that you can run about with all the time.



The flamethrower definitely is an intimidating weapon. Firing a cloud of fire several feet in front of you, it's also dangerous to anyone who chooses to fire it. It will do a good job of creating a carpet of death in crowds of enemies.


Sold in packs of eight at Ammunation, the grenade is a high explosive bomb. Pull the pin, throw away and enjoy the fireworks.


If the grenade isn't accurate enough for you, take the rocket propelled grenade launcher. It'll allow you to point it straight at an enemy and vaporize them with one button press.

Drive-By Shootings

If firing the guns when on foot isn't enough, you'll also be able to spray metal-of-death from moving vehicles too. Simply get your hands on one of the sub machine guns from Ammunation, jump into a car, van, truck, bus or onto a motorbike and you'll have a load of fun. The controls for this will be fully customisable, but expect the defaults to be similar to what you're used to on PS2. Hit the L/R buttons to look to either side of the vehicle. On bikes, you'll also be able to fire forwards (since there is no windshield).