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Liberty City Stories: Missions

In previous GTA games, you'd visit different characters at points across the map to gain access to missions. Liberty City Stories is no different. The game's brand new storyline has brand new missions - there are a few descriptions below, but of course they're *spoilers*!

'Casino Rumble'

The Sindacco family wants to drive the Leones out of the Casino business once and for all. JD O'Toole has heard about an attack at a Casino that the Leone's are only just beginning to build in St. Marks. The mission involves a great deal of shooting, showing off the game's new targetting system and drive by mechanics. While you're off shooting heads from your car window, some maniac has driven a truck loaded with explosives into the casino. It's only partially exploded, and you've got 30 seconds to move the truck to a safe distance and dash to safety on foot. One problem - the truck is stuck in first gear! Very tense and exactly what GTA got its name for.

'Shop 'Til You Drop'

Salvatore's got a lovely girlfriend in Maria. What better way to impress her (and get in the Don's good books) by taking her shopping? Sounds timid, until of course GTA's style is factored in and Maria's decided she's not paying for anything. The mission begins on Portland's west coast, where she and Toni visit a jewellers and make off with a good loot. Unfortunately for us though, the owner's decided to call the police and three warning stars appear on screen. A quick trip to Pay 'N Spray soon solves this, and we're on our way to the next store. The owner isn't so forgiving this time and draws a 12 gauge shotgun and shoots out the tires on the car. The final part of the mission sees Toni avoiding the cops trying to make it home along the road on only the wheel rims of the car.

'Volatile Situation'

A raid has been messed up down at the docks and Vinnie (one of Salvatore's top men and GTA Advance star) is relying on you to help him out. The cops are all over the scene and the Mafia guys are stuck. Toni has to rush in with a nice four seater car and save the three guys, rushing back to safety with a huge wanted level and cops on his tail. Of course, Vinnie and the Don are very impressed if you can pull this one off, and you'll find yourself taking on bigger tasks from this point forward.

'The Trouble With Triads'

Salvatore Leone wants some money retrieved from a warehouse he owns by the docks and Toni is the man for the job. Rushing down to the building at Atlantic Quays, it becomes apparent that the place is on fire - not the sort of environment banknotes survive in. The Triads have set this trap and before long the whole warehouse is ablaze. Toni must rush in and retrieve as many of the briefcases full of cash as he can before the place is totally destroyed. Once he's got them all it's back on the road, but this time it's not the police giving Toni street troubles, it's the swarms of Triad 'Belly Up' Fish Vans that are trying to ram him off the road. Making it back to the Don's mansion results in a nice paycheck of $750.

'Caught in the Act'

Salvatore's decided he wants to take Toni to visit an informant on his boat, which is moored off of Portland Island. Don is shown pulling the fat guy he wants Toni to speak with aboard in a cutscene. The view quickly switches to the shore, where the CIA are watching the guy's every move. The game view switches to first person as the boat moves off, and the race is on to kill all of the agents on the shore, chasing in helicopters and following in speedboats. The key to this one is shooting the conveniently placed explosive barrels.

'Driving Mr Leone'

Don needs out of Portland and quickly. The Callahan Bridge hasn't been built yet and the nearby ferry station is marked by cops. The police are rapidly hunting Toni and Salvatore down as they speed through the streets of Portland. The only way off of the island now appears to be hopping the bridge (which has a narrower gap in it than after the bomb in GTAIII). Taking a long run up from beside Atlantic Quays, a cutscene shows Toni winding up the windows of the car to reduce the wind resistance and he hits the bridge ramp with immense speed. The 'Insane Stunt' camera is activated and the tense slow motion movements reveal whether you've driven fast enough to make it across...

'Payback's a Bitch'

Father Ned is having some problems with his radio talkshow. Unfortunately some celebs have decided that the show 'isn't them' and have declined his invitation to appear on the show, choosing instead to speak on a rival radio station. Father Ned thinks Toni is the right man to take them out - just as they're arriving at the other station's studio. One by one you'll pick them off, but by the end of the mission you'll be shooting one star's helicopter right out of the sky with the RPG!