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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Quick Facts

Developed by: Rockstar Leeds / Rockstar North
Published by: Rockstar Games
Players: 1 - 6 (Local play only)
Genre: Third-Person Action Adventure
Platform: PSP & PlayStation 2
PSP Release Date: 31 October 2006 (North America) / 3 November 2006 (Europe) / 10 November 2006 (Australia/New Zealand)
PSP Price: $49.99 (USA) / £34.99 (UK)
PSP Release Date: 6 March 2007 (North America) / 9 March 2007 (Europe, Australia & Other Territories)
PS2 Price: $19.99 (USA) / £19.99 (UK)
Rating: Mature (ESRB) / 18 (BBFC) / MA15+ (OFLC) / 18+ (PEGI)

Game Overview

  • Return to Vice City and fight through an all new storyline featuring new missions and new vehicles
  • Set in 1984, two years prior to GTA: Vice City
  • Take control of Victor Vance and work with your brother Lance to take control of the city's criminal underworld
  • Try a whole host of new vehicles, some which are new to the series like Jet Skis and some which are new to PSP, such as helicopters
  • More advanced mission structure includes new missions which require more than one task to be performed to complete.
  • New weather effects
  • Finally see what's underneath Vice City's waters and swim freely around the islands
  • Familiar radio stations but a brand new soundtrack
  • New engine populates the city with more cars, pedestrians and objects than ever before
  • Much faster load times than Liberty City Stories and better graphics to boot!
  • PSP EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Got friends? Invite up to six of them to play wirelessly within a local area - 10 multiplayer game types included.
  • PS2 version features enhanced graphics, draw distance and framerate.