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Liberty City Stories: The City

Liberty City was the main star of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Advance. Based on real life New York, Liberty originally featured three islands - Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories uses the same map as GTAIII, but as it's set three years earlier there will be subtle changes. For example, Sex Club 7 is named Paulie's Revue Bar and is run by JD O'Toole - a Triad affiliated pimp.

Liberty City c. 1998. Click the image to enlarge or click here for a
zoomable PDF version.

Dominated by heavy industry, Portland is home to some of the less fortunate Liberty City residents. Look out for the docks, markets, garages and the unforgettable Red Light District. Crime is a real problem in Portland - the Mafia, Triads and Diablos will be sure to give you a warm welcome upon your arrival. Look out for the St. Mark's Bistro, 8-Ball's bomb shop, Mr Wong's Laundrette and street traders with more noodles than they know what to do with. The infamous monorail is a sight to see.

Staunton Island
A bustling business district populated by rich, powerful business owners and city traders. Skyscrapers are the norm, overlooking the modern Liberty City airport and bay. The streets are packed by day, desolate and dangerous by night. Be sure to check out the city's sporting hub - the Liberty Memorial Coliseum. Look for the offices of your favourite brands - Love Media, Liberty Tree and of course, Kenji's Casino. Gang activity is provided by the Yakuza.

Shoreside Vale
Liberty City's main residential area. Home to the high flyers from the commercial districts in Staunton, streets are awash with expensive sports cars, all heading in the one direction. On the other hand, there's the affluent gangsters, living high in the hills in lavish mansions whose swimming pools give the cliffs an almost gleaming quality. Looking elsewhere, the Cochrane Dam is the main attraction, along with Liberty City International Airport. Not to be outdone by the other two areas, Shoreside Vale has its fair share of gangs - The Columbian Cartel and the Jamaican Yardies.