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Liberty City Stories Characters

Toni Cipriani
In GTA: Liberty City Stories you play as Toni Cipriani. He's the guy that you worked for in GTAIII, destroying Triad operations and helping you on your way to meet Don Salvatore Leone. This is 1998, three years before GTAIII and things are a bit different. In LCS he's fresh back in the city after a while 'laying low' and he's not even got his foot on the Mafia ladder yet.

He's also looking quite a bit thinner than his GTAIII appearance, sporting a pair of combat pants, a blue long sleeved shirt and an army style jacket in many shots. Of course though, you'll be able to change this outfit just by walking through an icon, just as you did with Tommy in Vice City.

Don Salvatore Leone
Head of the Leone Family Mafia, Don's the guy that you're trying to get on the right side of. Voiced by Frank Vincent he'll be every bit as imposing as he was in Grand Theft Auto III and just as willing to dish out orders. One mission sees you trying to escape Portland, with the Don instructing you to drive across an uncompleted bridge!

Donald Love
With Liberty City Stories set 3 years prior to GTAIII, Donald Love is yet to build his empire. The Love Media building is merely a construction site and his hairline hasn't started receding. He's got a political mind and isn't afraid to express his opinions. The amount of control he has over you may be different this time round, though.

Miguel, the most prominent face in the Columbian Cartel, will be returning for Liberty City Stories. We'll maybe find out more reasons for his horrible murder, which took place at the end of Grand Theft Auto III. Perhaps we'll even find out how he got his position, and how the gang secured a foothold in the city.

Kazuki Kasen
Kazuki Kasen may at first appear to be the perfect Oriental gentleman, but on closer inspection his irregularities are revealed. He's married to a lady called Toshiko, but the validity of their union is constantly questioned by onlookers. Rumour has it that Kazuki isn't the sort of man to have an interest in the fairer sex, instead preferring the company of the members of his Yakuza gang which he has worked hard to develop in Liberty City. His current focus is on gaining territory from Mafia gangs, so the conflict between the Asians and Italians will be prominent in Liberty City Stories.

Giovanni Casa
Giovanni Casa is a completely new face to GTA fans. He runs a top Italian delicatessen in the St. Marks area of Portland, specialising in spicy Sicilian sausage. He's been wowing Toni's mother "Ma" Cipriani with his recipes and she now believes Giovanni to be a bigger man than Toni. He's got a rough look about him and is a strong talker, but will often reveal his cowardly ways when challenged.

Joseph Daniel "JD" O'Toole
JD O'Toole is another fresh face in the game, and he's the guy in charge of Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District of Portland. Put bluntly, this guy's an absolute pervert, but embarassingly for him he's never had the nerve to lay a finger on any of the ladies that visit his club. They're left for the higher ranked Sindacco Family members when they come to visit.

Vincenzo "Vinnie" Cilli
Toni left Liberty City a long while ago, and back then Vinnie didn't have any sort of respect in the Mafia gangs. Fast forward a few years, Toni's back and Vinnie now has the right to order him about. His good looks, good education, good manner and smooth talking not only helped him woo Salvatore Leone into promoting him, but also give him the edge on other men when he's looking for a ladyfriend. Every man has to have his downside though, and Vinnie is totally selfish.

Leon McAffrey
Every GTA game has to have its fair share of corrupt cops and LCS is no exception. McAffrey has worked his way to the dizzy ranks of "Detective" thanks to some nice payoffs he gave those who stood in his way. However, the department has decided to pair him up with a totally straight cop - will Leon teach this young blood how to work the streets "properly" or will he be the youngest snitch in the force?

Paulie Sindacco
Paulie Sindacco likes to be heard about but not seen. He's the leader of the Sindacco family's operations in Liberty City, and spends a lot of time travelling back and forward to Las Venturas, where the headquarters are. While he's gone, his Capos are entrusted with running the gang, exactly the way he wants it or else. Right now, his gang is involved in an intense turf war with the Leone family on Portland. The sooner they can get rid of Salvatore, the better!

Jane Hopper
Jane Hopper is the leader of many a laborer's union in Liberty City and has a pretty strong character to boot. She'll often be found in the local radio offices, pushing her points across. However, these "points" are probably the beliefs of gang leaders - she's totally corrupt and will "contract" her unions out for the right amount of money. If you need a strike, she'll make it happen. Currently, she's part of an ongoing strike action of transportation and dock workers who believe that the planned Porter Tunnel (the road tunnel in GTAIII) will put them out of a job. However, it's not all going good for her - the mob bosses are interested because these are the same workers who also do them many a good favour. She's now a wanted woman.

Maria Latore
Salvatore likes his women young - his girlfriend Maria must be at least half his age! She's a pretty needy woman too, one mission sees Toni getting the job of taking her on a shopping spree throughout Liberty, but once she gets there she decides she isn't paying for anything! Getting on the right side of Maria is getting on the right side of the Don, so treat her properly!

Liberty City Mayor
The Mayor's Office is often referred to in descriptions of the game which Rockstar sends out. Quite what role he'll play remains a mystery, but he's likely corrupt and you'll probably be helping to keep his reputation good when the media guys come to see him. And no, he doesn't have a name, yet.