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Vice City Stories - Missions

The following mission descriptions are based on articles which have appeared in various publications about GTA: Vice City Stories. They contain spoilers - if you don't want to know what happens in the game, please don't read the rest of this page.

Say Cheese
Victor is needing some cash and luckily for him a company is looking for a stuntman to appear in their latest chocolate commercial. Vice City's calm waters are perfect for the company's first vehicle of choice - a Jet Ski! Thankfully Rockstar have improved the water effects for Vice City Stories and the craft moves extremely realistically, spraying watter all around. Vic is required to cruise around a set course with a camera crew following in a helicopter, navigating twists and even jumps. One of the jumps launches the Jet Ski off the water and onto the street where you must then take control of a motorbike (which also features improved handling) and race through the city streets.

Taking The Fall
Lance Vance isn't too happy with one of Vice City's famous biker gangs and he's finally decided to do something about it. Lance has decided he's going to need to attack from the air and it is Vic that's going to have to do the flying. You'll have to hover over enemies while Lance takes them out on the ground and then fly the helicopter to a construction site to finish the job. Unfortunately though, Lance somehow falls from the helicopter and is quickly surrounded by the gang. You'll have to land the helicopter and approach the gang with your shotgun. The ragdoll physics are really clear when you start firing at them.

Jump Ship
Lance and Vic have found out that one of their criminal "associates", Brian Forbes, is actually an undercover cop. Lance has managed to kidnap him and has forced out information on a drug deal that's taking place near the docks. Your job is to keep watch while Lance tries to grab himself a few freebies using Vice City Stories' new binoculars.

Unfortunately though, Lance is hopeless - again, and messes up the deal and gets himself kidnapped and thrown onto a speedboat. You'll have to quickly jump into a car and chase the boat down the side of the island. After a while, it becomes clear that the speedboat is headed to dock with a much larger tanker and Lance is taken inside. Here's the fun part - you'll have to launch the car from a conveniently placed ramp and jump out in mid air in order to land on the deck of the tanker.

Once inside, the scale of the ship becomes clear. This thing is huge and you'll have to find Lance and kill the goons that have tied him up. Corridors of the ship are littered with enemies and when you get to the cargo hold where Lance is you'll have to take out a few more. Once he's free you'll have to climb to the very top of the boat and grab even more narcotics and then flee the ship using yet another conveniently placed ramp.

Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out
This mission is much later in the game. It starts off at the Vance Mansion (whether this is acquired during the game is unknown) and from there you have to buy yourself a Rocket Launcher and take out police radio antenna at Police Stations across Vice City. As you might expect, this attracts a lot of attention from the local police who quickly scramble top cops to take you out. You'll need your wits and your skills with you on this mission with all sorts of transport required to get between targets - including helicopters and bikes!